Benefits for Merchants


Increase your customers trust in your merchant

If you want to secure more business for your company by belonging to the EMOTA European Trustmark scheme, you can register through a national Trustmark provider belonging to our scheme.

Only merchants certified by a national Trustmark participating in our scheme are allowed to display our EMOTA European Trustmark on their website. Your customers can verify your certification status by clicking on the national Trustmark you have been accredited by. If your certificate is properly linked and valid they know shopping from your website is safe.


Provide a neutral cross border Complaint Management

Should a problem arise in connection with an order placed online and the direct communication between you and your customer does not result in a solution, the consumers can file a complaint on this EMOTA Trustmark site. We will then - in close cooperation with you - try to find a solution all parties are satisfied with.


Benefit from EMOTA´s European scheme

The network created by our European EMOTA Trustmark scheme will assist you in all questions related to expanding your business to further European countries.


Sell Safely across Europe

EMOTA and EMOTA members can advice you in all issues related to:

  • Removal of barriers to cross-border trade in Europe
  • European contract law issues
  • Consumer protection matters/trust in online business
  • Privacy and data protection matters
  • Ensuring a functional and competition oriented payments market
  • Functioning of the delivery markets
  • Competition matters that are of concerns of the distance selling sector
  • Self-regulation as a method of increasing consumer trust in e-commerce

To apply for the EMOTA European Trustmark please contact your national Trustmark provider. This organization also will assist your company with all questions related to the certification program in the other European countries being part of our EMOTA European Trustmark scheme.

Please note: The only way to be allowed to display the EMOTA European  Trustmark is to be certified by a national Trustmark participating in the scheme. It is not possible to apply for the EMOTA European Trustmark directly from us.