Trustmark network overview/ How does the EMOTA Trustmark Scheme work

EMOTA Trustmark Committee

The EMOTA Trustmark Committee (“the Committee”) is the Committee established by EMOTA 

  • to provide advice to participants in the European Trustmark and to the public,
  • to render decisions on compliance issues regarding the Accreditation Criteria, and
  • to make recommendations to EMOTA’s Board of Directors with respect to the content of the Accreditation Criteria.

Details: Members of the EMOTA Trustmark Committee

The Trustmark Providers shall, upon request, make available to the Committee all necessary information and records relating to its practices so a determination of its compliance with the Accreditation Criteria can be made, or an allegation of a breach of the Accreditation Criteria can be investigated.

For Trustmark providers:

EMOTA grants a license to national trustmark providers and allows these to distribute the EMOTA eCommerce Trustmark to the merchants if the national Trustmark criteria and accreditation fulfills the standards laid down in the European Trustmark scheme. The Trustmark provider undertakes the certification and accreditation of individual merchants included in its membership. The License granted by EMOTA cannot be transferred or be assigned to other bodies.

Process and implementation

The national Trustmark Providers agree to certify exclusively individual merchants' adherent to their national trustmark. Merchants cannot apply directly for the EMOTA European eCommerce Trustmark. The contractual relationship with the merchants is solely managed by the national certification body i.e. the trustmark provider.