EMOTA European Trustmark Accreditation Criteria for national trustmark providers

The EMOTA European Trustmark Accreditation Criteria ("the Accreditation Criteria") adopted by the EMOTA members and approved by the Board of Directors of EMOTA establish the following:

  • Transparent information about the trader
  • Clear, complete and accurate product description
  • Transparent pricing, inclusive of all charges and taxes
  • Accurate information to the customer on product availability and delivery times
  • Delivery according to the specifications and timing indicated to the customer
  • Clear returns process and prompt reimbursement
  • Accessible customer service and timely complaint management
  • Protection of personal data according to EU and national legislation
  • Appropriate protection of minors
  • Secure payment methods
  • Online, fully documented, interactive and accessible procedure which enables and ensures merchants’ compliance with the Trustmark requirements
  • Online and interactive support and advice to facilitate any necessary improvements to be made by the merchant before the Trustmark can be awarded
  • Auditable record of accreditation and Trust Mark performance including the retention of approved Terms & Conditions
  • Minimum annual review of compliance
  • Additional checks may be performed at any time on an exception basis
  • Traders should provide information about ADR/ODR services to resolve consumer complaints
  • The Trust Mark organization will address any relevant issues with the trader, who will need to correct them promptly
  • The Trust Mark can be withdrawn if the trader does not comply with the code of conduct or in the case of insolvency