EMOTA - Mission & General info

EMOTA - representing E-Commerce in Europe

EMOTA, the European eCommerce and Omni Channel Trade Association, promotes the interest off all those merchants that wish to trade online, whether an Internet start-up or large multi-channel retailer. At present, EMOTA has members in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, and one associate member in Poland. E-Commerce is in the spotlight of the EU legislator. Many political and regulatory issues discussed in Brussels affect the sales over the internet. EMOTA’s list of relevant issues is long, whereby the focus lies on the removal of barriers to, and facilitation of cross-border sales for the benefit of e-retailers with international ambitions.

EMOTA's key issues:

  • Removal of barriers to cross-border trade in Europe
  • Ensure full harmonization of consumer protection rules
  • Boost trust in online business
  • Ensure a future proof legal framework for data protection and privacy
  • Ensuring a functional and competition oriented payments market
  • Ensure a seamless cross-border parcel delivery framework
  • Promote industry and self-regulatory solutions to the various challenges in distance selling