Benefits for Consumers

The EMOTA eCommerce Trustmark is an easy way to check if the online shop complies with the highest possible tracking standards, both national and European.

How Merchants can join in

Click here to find your national trustmark provider that is part of the EMOTA eCommerce Trustmark network. 

EMOTA - European E-Commerce Association

EMOTA is the EU association representing distance and multi-channel selling. Click here for more information.


Věra Jourová, (Commissioner, DG for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality)

EMOTA’s European eCommerce Trustmark allows consumers to find reliable and trustworthy merchants selling online. Websites with the EMOTA Trustmark comply with Europe’s best trading practices on the market.

EMOTA’s Trustmark are awarded in conjunction with the national Trustmark and by the issuer of the national Trustmark.  In a way, the EMOTA Trustmark guarantees that the national Trustmark complies with Europe’s best trading practices.

Cross-border shopper in particular who see the EMOTA Trustmark next to the national Trustmark can feel assured that European best trading practices are applied.